Appetiser recipes - appetisers for parties

Best Appetiser Recipes

Get inspiration for how to plan a party menu with these popular appetiser ideas, our best appetiser recipes and appetisers for parties for your event.
Your party guests will be impressed on both casual and special occasions with hot and cold easy appetizers to suit all occasions.

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  1. Appetiser Meaning
  2. Appetiser Ideas
  3. Appetiser Prep and Serving Tips
  4. Easy Appetiser Recipes

Appetiser Meaning

Appetiser meaning & definition;
An Appetiser can go by a few names, for example; hors d’oeuvre, starter or entree, either way it is a small dish served before a meal.
Some Appetisers are served cold, others hot.

  • They may be served at the dinner table as a part of the meal, or they may be served before seating.
  • They may also be served at late parties that occur after a regular meal time.
  • A mid-afternoon party where there is no intent to serve dinner, or an evening party that occurs after dinner, may also offer these foods so that guests can have the opportunity to snack.
    They’re an especially good idea when guests are consuming alcohol, since they help to cut down on alcohol absorption.

Appetiser Ideas

This is a very simple list of what Appetisers could be.

  • A simple plate of cheese and crackers, chopped vegetables served with dip, or sliced or small fruits can all be considered Appetisers.
  • Other popular options include canapés, club sandwiches, spring rolls or arancini balls are very favoured these days.
  • Mini hotdogs that can be eaten in a bite or two, along with miniature meat pies and sausage rolls are all very well liked favourites.

The goal is to make the food easy to handle with just a napkin, and easy to eat in one to two bites.
This way guests can continue to visit, dance, chat or mingle without needing to be hindered with plates.

Appetiser Prep and Serving Tips

  1. Do as much as you can a day in advance.
    Chop anything that can be chopped ahead of time and place it in plastic bags or containers in the refrigerator.
  2. Many dips taste better if made the day before serving so don’t hesitate to make that dip a day ahead of time.
  3. You don’t have to have fancy serving platters. Use cutting boards, baking trays covered with a tea towel or cane baskets lined with napkins always look good.

    You could also serve Appetisers and dips in bowl made out of hollowed cabbage, cob loaves, hollowed out capsicum (green, red, or yellow), pineapple or melons.

  4. Divide the Appetisers among several platters so your guests can try a variety of Appetisers from wherever they are seated.
  5. If you are short on space, stack cake stands on top of one another to make a tiered serving stand!
  6. Appetisers should be small enough to be eaten in one or two bites.
  7. Garnish your serving trays with a green leafy lettuce, herbs, edible flowers (nasturtiums, viola, cornflower or hollyhock) or citrus wheels (lemon, lime or orange).
  8. Serve cold foods like vegetables, fruit and seafood on ice.
  9. Have fresh trays of Appetisers ready so you can just replenish as needed.

Easy Appetiser Recipes