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Simple sauces recipes & Dipping sauce recipes

These simple sauces recipes, dipping sauce recipes and sweet sauces can brighten any dish. Browse through our great range of sauce recipes and condiment recipes.

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Don’t ignore the importance of great sauces.
These simple sauces recipes and dipping sauce recipes can brighten any savoury dish.
Enliven any dessert with our sweet sauce recipes for custard, rich chocolate sauce or tangy lemon curd.

Try your hand at bechamel, a pesto, easy mayonnaise or dipping sauce recipes.
Browse through our great range and find all your favourite sauces and marinade recipes with handy tips and hints all in one place.

Sauce Making Tips

The philosophy of a sauce, when understood, enables even an untrained cook to make a great variety of every day sauces from materials usually found in every kitchen.
Here is a handful of tips to help you create your own sauce recipes.

  1. To have your sauces uniform, flavourings must be correctly blended, and measurements must be rigidly observed.
    Two level tablespoonfuls of butter or other fat, two level tablespoonfuls of flour, should be used to each 300 ml of liquid.
  2. If the yolks of eggs are added, omit one tablespoonful of flour or the sauce will be too thick.
  3. Tomato sauce should be flavoured with onion, a little mace, and a suspicion of curry.
  4. Brown sauce may be simply seasoned with salt and pepper, flavored and colored with kitchen bouquet.
  5. Spanish sauce should also be flavoured with mushrooms, or if you can afford it, a truffle, a little chopped ham, a tablespoonful of chives, shallot and garlic.
  6. Water sauce, drawn butter and simple sauce Hollandaise, when they are served with fish, should be flavoured with a dash of tarragon vinegar, salt and pepper.

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