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Measurements of cooking

Recipes from different parts of the world use different measurements of cooking and you should also be aware that standard measuring utensils vary greatly.
Precise measurements and knowing the correct cooking measurements abbreviations can be vital to cooking and more so baking success.

Australia use metrics as the standard for measuring, some of the measuring utensils also differ.
For example an Aussie tablespoon is 20 ml while a New Zealand one is 15 ml.

We hope the information below helps you with your recipes.
This page is a guide to those that are most commonly used in cooking.

Abbreviations For Cooking Measurements

Although some recipes spell out measurements, a lot of recipes use abbreviations.

For example, the tablespoon and teaspoon abbreviation may look very similar and can be mistaken for one another:

A lowercase t can stand for teaspoon an uppercase T can stand for tablespoon.
Getting your teaspoon and tablespoon abbreviations muddled up, by adding a tablespoon (T) of pepper when the recipe only requires a teaspoon (t) can spell disaster!

So in summary; When you’re following a recipe, it’s pretty important to understand those cooking abbreviations.
Many recipes (including the recipes on will use shorthand when writing out recipes, and if you don’t know what they mean, you could end up making a few mistakes.

Cooking measurements abbreviations chart

C, c Cup
kg, Kg kilogram
L, l litre
mL, ml millilitre
t, tsp teaspoon
T, Tbsp tablespoon
Oz Ounce
fl. Oz Fluid ounce
qt Quart
pt Pint
gal Gallon
lb Pound

Cooking Measurement Conversion Metric to US

Conversion chart for metric to imperial solid measures.

20g ¾ oz
60g 2 oz
125g 4 oz
180g 6 oz
250g 8 oz
500g 16 oz (1 lb)
1kg 32 oz (2 lb)

Teaspoons & Tablespoons to ml conversion chart

The table below gives the equivalent in millilitres (ml) from teaspoon to tablespoon.
Convert between teaspoons and millilitres (tsp and mL) using this conversion table. Also, find out how many millilitres there are in a teaspoon.
(results are given to 2 decimal places).

Australia 5ml 10ml 20ml
New Zealand 5ml 10ml 15ml
Canada 5ml 10ml 15ml
UK & Ireland 5ml 10ml 15ml
USA 4.93ml N/A 14.79ml

Cooking Volume Measurement Conversion Chart

This table shows the conversions of cups to metric and imperial measurements.

¼ cup 60ml 2 fl oz
⅓ cup 80ml 2½ fl oz
½ cup 125ml 4 fl oz
⅔ cup 160ml 5 fl oz
¾ cup 180ml 6 fl oz
1 cup 250 ml 8 fl oz
2 cups 500ml 16 fl oz (1 American pint)
2½ cups 625ml 20 fl oz (1 imperial pint)
4 cups 1 litre 32 fl oz

Cooking temperature conversion chart

Oven temperature guide for celsius, fahrenheit and gas mark.

DescriptionCelsiusFahrenheitGas Mark
Very slow / very cool 110℃ 225℉ ¼
Very slow / very cool 130℃ 250℉ ½
Slow / cool 140℃ 275℉ 1
Slow / cool 150℃ 300℉ 2
Moderate 170℃ 325℉ 3
Moderate 180℃ 350℉ 4
Moderately hot 190℃ 375℉ 5
Moderately hot 200℃ 400℉ 6
Hot 220℃ 425℉ 7
Hot 230℃ 450℉ 8
Very hot 240℃ 475℉ 9
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