Soup Recipes | Best soups and soup ideas

Best soups and soup ideas

These delicious soup ideas are for every season, from winter warming chicken soup to quick and easy Vietnamese noodle soup.
We have collected soup recipes that are no fuss and produce the best soups.

Both nutritious and delicious, these one pot meals are perfect for lunch or dinner.

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What is Soup

Hot soups are additionally characterised by boiling solid ingredients in liquids in a pot until the flavours are extracted, forming a broth.
Soups are similar to stews, and in some cases there may not be a clear distinction between the two;
however, soups generally have more liquid (broth) than stews.

Soups are classified into two main groups:

  1. Clear soups;
    The established French classifications of clear soups are bouillon and consommé.
  2. Thick soups;
    Thick soups are classified depending upon the type of thickening agent used.

    • Purées are vegetable soups thickened with starch.
    • Bisques are made from puréed shellfish or vegetables thickened with cream
    • Cream soups may be thickened with béchamel sauce
    • Veloutés are thickened with eggs, butter, and cream.

    Other ingredients commonly used to thicken soups and broths include;

    • Egg.
    • Rice.
    • Lentils.
    • Flour.
    • Grains.

    Basic Soup Ingredients

    Soup is a primarily liquid food, generally served warm or hot (but may be cool or cold).
    Soup is made by combining ingredients of meat or vegetables with stock, or water.

    Popular stocks used are;

    • Vegetable.
    • Beef.
    • Chicken.
    • Lamb.
    • Seafood.

    Many popular soups also include;

    • Egg.
    • Pumpkin.
    • Carrots.
    • Potatoes.
    • Pig’s trotters.
    • Bacon bones.

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