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Broil - Broiling Definition - How To Broil
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Broil - Broiling Definition - How To Broil

Broiling Definition

Broiling is more of an American term and means to cook with a high-heat source over the food.
In the US grill means the food is cooked over a direct heat source, rather than under. See how to broil below.
Australia, New Zealand and the UK don’t use the term broiling, we stick things UNDER a grill!

Broiling is a quick cooking method.
Most foods will be done in 5-10 minutes, after which it can quickly go from nicely seared to burned.
Since you’re really only cooking the outer surface of the food, this is why thin cuts of meat, quick-cooking fresh vegetables, and foods that fairly tender to start with are ideal for broiling.

It’s not strictly necessary to cook foods on a grated broiler pan.
This pan allows air to circulate under the food, but you can accomplish the same effect by using a heavy duty frypan or skillet and turning the food partway through cooking.

Leaving the oven or broiler compartment door partially ajar during cooking can also help.

  1. This keeps the cooking environment from getting too hot or steamy.
  2. Too hot and the broiler element could automatically shut off.
  3. Too steamy and the food won’t develop a good caramelised crust.

How To Broil Steak

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