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Deseed | How to deseed a pomegranate | Deseed tomatoes | How To deseed a Chilli
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Deseed | How to deseed a pomegranate | Deseed tomatoes | How To deseed a Chilli

Deseeding Cooking Definition

Deseed means to take the seeds out of a fruit or vegetable, some examples are chilli, pomegranate, grapes or tomatoes.
To deseed a fruit or vegetable means to remove all the seeds from it.

Deseeding Pomegranites

7 step method for deseeding a pomegranite.

  1. Using a knife, cut off the stem and crown being careful to remove as little of the pomegranate as possible.
    Do not cut into the seeds.
  2. Cut in half parallel to your first cut. You should be able to see a five pointed star shape created by the seeds.
    Rinse off any juice that runs from the fruit.
  3. Gently squeeze the sides of each half to loosen the seeds.
  4. Cup your hand and hold the pomegranate with the seeds facing your palm.
    There should be a space between your palm and the fruit.
    This is where the seeds will fall.
  5. Place your hand with pomegranate over a bowl of water. Make sure that your fingers on the fruit are out of the way.
    Start whacking the flat surface on the fruit with the back of the wooden spoon.
    You want to hit with enough force to jolt the seeds but not hard enough to crack the skin.
  6. Let any seeds that fall in your palm drop into the water.
    The water will separate the seeds which will sink to the bottom of the bowl and any membrane will float.

    If you have seeds stuck to pieces of membrane, pick them off and they should sink to the bottom.

  7. Drain your seeds in a colander.

How to deseed a Pomegranate

Here is a quick look at how to most effectively de-seed a Pomegranate.

Deseeding Tomatoes

Here is a n easy two step process to deseed tomatoes.

  1. Remove the stalk, slice each one in half, not through the stalk end but around the middle.
  2. Then hold each half and squeeze gently allowing the seeds to fall onto a plate.
  3. If there are any seeds remaining, remove them with a teaspoon.

How to deseed Tomatoes

Here’s an easy trick on how to de-seed fresh tomatoes in literally seconds!
Chef Damien shares his simple tip how to remove the seeds to perfectly dice tomatoes.

Deseeding Chillies

Here is a simple 2 step method for deseeding chillies

  1. Snap the stems off and holding the thick end with your fingertips, use a small sharp knife to carefully split lengthways.
  2. Hold the chilli at one end and use a teaspoon to scrape the seeds and membrane out.

How to deseed Chillies

How To Deseed a Chilli. Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips.
Jamie shows you how to de-seed a chilli (and shares a great money saving tip too) –in just one minute flat.

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