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Recipes with Rice

Do you love rice? Check out these yummy recipes that all contain rice!
Our easy rice recipes are popular and easy to combine with other ingredients for some great dishes including;

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What is Rice

Rice is a type of food that covers many different cultures.
It is most well known for Chinese and Japanese dishes but Spanish rice is popular with the Mexican culture though.
There is also Cajun rice and sweet rice for those that want something for dessert.
Either way Rice fits into the category of a grain.

There are plenty of different ways to cook rice, it goes well with so many main dishes and is a common side dish in many homes.

Rice is an inexpensive ingredient too so it can help you to stretch the family budget for meals.

5 Types of Rice and Their Uses

There are a variety of factors involved in choosing what types of rice will best suit what you need.

Take a look at these five common types of rice to determine which flavour profile, colour, length, and texture will work best for your dish.

  1. Arborio Rice;

    Arborio rice is a medium grain rice that is wider in size and has a characteristic white dot at the center of the grain.

    Due to the high starch content of Arborio rice, it has a slightly chewy and sticky consistency and develops a creamy texture when cooked.

    • Length: Medium grain
    • Flavour Profile: Creamy
    • Ideal For: Risotto, rice pudding, soup
  2. Basmati Rice

    When cooked, basmati rice grains are long, dry, and separate.
    They give pleasant, nutty aromatics and flavour in any dish.

    It is common in Indian and Asian cuisine, but it can be used in a number of recipes.

    Serve it plain or with fresh herbs, green onions, coconut, or vegetables.

    • Length: Long grain
    • Flavour Profile: Nutty
    • Ideal For: Dal, curry, saffron rice
  3. Brown Rice

    Brown rice grains have a chewy texture when cooked.
    They impart a pleasant, slightly nutty flavour to your dish.

    The nutritious bran layers are left on brown rice so it can retain its natural goodness and tan colour.
    Rich in vitamins and minerals, brown rice is a 100% whole grain food.

    It is a versatile rice that becomes light and fluffy when cooked, ensuring it won’t stick together.

    • Length: Long grain
    • Flavour Profile: Nutty
    • Perfect For: Stuffed peppers, casseroles, stir-fry dishes, rice pilaf
  4. Jasmine Rice

    Jasmine rice will add an exotic flavour to any dish.
    It develops a pleasant jasmine aroma while it is cooking.

    Use it when making a variety of traditional Asian dishes, including curries and stir-frys.
    The moist, soft texture is ideal for soaking up spices and flavours.

    • Length: Long grain
    • Flavour Profile: Floral, jasmine flavour and aroma
    • Best For: Curry, stir-fry dishes, and other Thai and Asian cuisine
  5. White Rice

    Due to the starch composition of white long grain rice, it has a slightly sticky consistency that’s useful in stuffing, casseroles, and stir-fry dishes.

    It is arguably the most familiar and easily recognizable rice in traditional American recipes, and it’s also popular in Asian and Mexican cuisine.

    Compared to other varieties of rice, it has a mild flavour and light and fluffy texture when cooked.

    • Length: Long grain
    • Flavour Profile: Mild
    • Ideal For: Stuffing, casseroles, stir-fry dishes, rice pilaf

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