Good Food To Eat

Nourishing, nutrient dense foods that make sense for busy lives

About Us - Dana NunnellyHi – I’m Dana.

I love Good Food to Eat! Even as a kid – I ate my oatmeal and ‘green things’, even the ones that my sister tried to sneak onto my plate when she thought I wasn’t looking. I’ve always gardened and went ‘organic’ before it was popular. I grow a lot of my own herbs – it’s so easy to do, and I love to use them fresh in just about everything I cook.

I believe strongly in keeping farm land where you live. I’ve been a member of The Root Connection, my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) since 1995 and volunteer for Farms For Life. The big secret to good food to eat is starting with quality ingredients – the freshest you can get and preferably local.

I learned about nutrient dense foods a few years ago and that made a big difference in understanding how food can go so much further than being just ‘organic’. There’s nothing more satisfying than siting down to a truly nourishing meal that’s been prepared with care – it will nourish your body and your soul like nothing else.

I like to keep it quick and simple – a few really good ingredients, use herbs to bring out the flavors and yum. You’ll find some of my favorite recipes, tips and philosophies here – enjoy.